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Why it Works?


Let's jump into the science behind ARGININE ADVANTAGE®. We've been fine tuning this formula for over 28 years now.  Simply put, L-Arginine is only effective with the correct ratio of L-Citrulline to decrease blood pressure* a few of hours a day of Nitric Oxide production is not enough, the body needs  24 HOURS OF NITRIC OXIDE PRODUCTION DAILY IN ORDER TO BE EFFECTIVE.**


It has been scientifically proven (see graph below) that 24-hour coverage of Nitric Oxide at high levels is 200% more effective that L-Arginine by itself.*


The only product on the market today, producing these results, is ARGININE ADVANTAGE® at 2,000mg of L-Arginine and 1,000mg of L-Citrulline taken 12 hours apart.

Clinical studies show that the effectiveness of the ARGININE ADVANTAGE® formula

lasts longer due to the correct ratio of L-Citrulline*

Longer Lasting Formula.JPG

Creating the perfect balance of L-Arginine & L-Citrulline has many advantages:

  • 200% increase in Plasma Nitric Oxide Levels

  • Longer half-life of L-Arginine blood levels

  • Enables twice daily administration and results in build-up of L-Arginine levels

  • Improved bioavailability of L-Citrulline over L-Arginine

Advantage Ingredients Chart.jpg

More Arginine is not the key, it's the ratio of L-Citrulline to L-Arginine so long as the ratio is in order and it's level is 3,000mg (combined per scoop) and 6,000mg daily are aborted into the blood stream.**

L-Arginine has a short half-life, as illustrated by the chart above when you take two scoops of ARGININE ADVANTAGE® a day, 12 hours a part at six weeks the AMOUNT OF NITRIC OXIDE INCREASES IN THE BODY BY 200%** (see graph below)  L-Arginine without the correct ratio of L-Citrulline doesn't increase week after week as illustrated by the dotted black line in the chart above. It shows that plasma Nitric Oxide levels remain the same after 6 weeks using products without the correct ratio. The blue line shows that by using ARGININE ADVANTAGE® L-Citrulline increases week after week, by the 6th week it is significantly greater in plasma output.*

IMPORTANT: After several experiments and early clinical studies it was discovered that dietary L-Citrulline causes an elevation of L-Arginine blood levels.**

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials were conducted which showed that a combination of L-Arginine plus L-Citrulline leads to a higher and more sustained elevation of L-Arginine in human blood than L-Arginine by itself. After 12 hours - which is the relevant time point for twice daily intake - plasma L-Arginine was still significantly elevated when combined L-Arginine/L-Citrulline was administered, whereas L-Arginine blood levels were completely back to baseline after administration of L-Arginine only.


Thanks to the dedication and scientific research of lead scientist studying the effects of L-Arginine, ARGININE ADVANTAGE® was able to develop a dietary supplement that actually works from proven research.

Other key ingredients in our proven scientific formulation:


Is a prominent antioxidant ingredient in red wine. It has been suggested that it is the basis for the so-called "French Paradox", i.e. the fact that people who drink red wine regularly have a better life expectancy than those who do not consume red wine.* Resveratrol appears to have a better and more focused antioxidant effect on the vasculature than any mixed antioxidant vitamin cocktail.* Resveratrol is not red wine extract; red wine extract is a poor substitute.*


Q10 (CoQ10 Ubiquinol) is a critical co-factor for energy metabolism in muscle. Lack of CoQ10 Ubiquinol may be associated with symptoms of weakness, fatigue, and muscle dysfunction, which may extend to the heart muscle as well.*


The health benefits of magnesium have been vastly underestimated. For example, one meta-analysis published earlier this year in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition looked at a total of seven studies collectively covering more than 240,000 participants.The presence or absence of adequate levels of this basic mineral may epigenetically alter the expression and behavior of the proteins in our body, thereby altering the course of both health and disease.* Magnesium also plays a role in your body's detoxification processes and therefore is important for helping to prevent damage from environmental chemicals,heavy metals and other toxins.