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WARNING: Consult a physician before using this product if you have a serious medical condition or have had a heart attack. Not recommended for use by children. Do not exceed the recommended serving size if you have a bleeding disorder, use blood thinning medication or are considering surgery. Women who are pregnant or who may become pregnant should consult a doctor. Keep out of the reach of children.

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- Real People, Real Results -

"Some years back, I was needing a triple bypass. I was a nurse for a cardiovascular doctor in the operating room. I new that I could not survive the operation because I was allergic to the medications. My brother had been a friend and partner to Bob Weeks. He was now selling an arginine product. Bob allowed me to buy it at his cost because of friendships. The retail price of what I was taking would have been $400.00/month. After about 1 year and 4 different invasive tests, I had reduced my blockage by 50%. Bob at this time had his own company and product Arginine Cardio. My cost was substantially reduced, and the efficacy of the product went way up! Some time later Bob introduced me to Arginine Advantage and within 1 more year I was completely cleaned out of plaque. My vessels were returned to a supple state. Arginine Advantage allowed me to live a normal life. My blood flow and blood pressure were normal for the 1st time in years. My age at this time was 75. I would recommend Arginine Advantage to everybody."

Kathryn McAllister, Idaho

"Four years ago, I could not walk to the mailbox because of my inability to process oxygen. I needed a quadruple bypass. I was over 90% occluded. I was referred to Bob Weeks, I was told that he might be able to help me. I told him my story and he told me to get the operation. I said I did not want to go through with it the following week. I asked him what he could do for me and he said, “if that is the case, and you're not going to go through with the operation, you should take 20 grams of arginine per day in the product Arginine Cardio”. Six months later I was cutting the lawn and 1 year later I was no longer a candidate for open heart surgery. Today I take 2 scoops of Arginine Advantage and live a normal life for a 60-year-old. I totally recommend Arginine Advantage and do so with all my friends and family."

- William Harris, Florida