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750% - 1,200% MORE Nitric Oxide than the Competition!

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The science shows that taking it twice per day is 4 times more effective than 1 time per day. The reason is 1 time per day gives you 12 hours of Nitric Oxide (NO) production and 2 times per day gives you 24 hours per day of production. If you are dosing 2 times per day - at the 60 day mark you start producing double the Nitric Oxide. So, this doubling keeping the 24 hours dosage is 4 times as much as the single dose producing Nitric Oxide.


Remember each jar has 60 scoops or a 30-day supply.
All competition has only 1 scoop per day
or 30 scoops per month.

- BIG Difference in Nitric Oxide and Health Benefits -


When we compare other products that have a 5 to 1 ratio or higher their production in comparison is shocking. For example, L-Arginine plus or L-Arginine complete or even Proargi9 plus (which has a 13 to 1 ratio) and 1 scoop per day (30 scoops per jar), you are producing in comparison to Arginine Advantage (which has 2 to 1 ratio) about 1/8th the amount of Nitric Oxide. With Proargi9 plus it is 1/12th. That is 800% to 1200% more Nitric Oxide with Arginine Advantage. You would have to take 8 to 12 doses per day spread out over 24 hours, waking up to take your doses every 2 hours to compete with Arginine Advantage. This is all science based by Dr. Rainer Boger MD, number 1 researcher in the world on arginine with 28 years of research behind him.


Just to be clear, it is not the amount of Arginine per dose that is important. For example, L-Arginine plus has 5000 Mgs in 1 dose per day. Arginine has a half live of about an hour and with L-Citrulline that is extended. With a 5 to 1 ratio of Arginine/Citrulline that time period is about 8 hours of Nitric Oxide production. That is it!!!  Even if you had 10,000 mgs of Arginine to 2000 mgs of Citrulline, you still only get 8 hours of Nitric Oxide strong enough to do any good. With a 2 to 1 ratio the time period of Nitric Oxide production is 12 hours. That is why we have 60 scoops per jar. After 60 days of constant 24-hour dosing, the Nitric Oxide production doubles, all science based. That doubling gives you a huge increase of Nitric Oxide advantage. So, in comparison 8 hours verses 24 hours is 1/3 the production of NO. Now when the ARGININE ADVANTAGE® with its powerful 250% increase is in comparison to 24 hours of production, that is 300% times 250% equals 750%. That 5 to 1 ratio was promoted by Louis Ignarro, when he wrote the book “No More Heart Disease”. He also promoted a 25 to 1 ratio, which Synergy used in Proargi9 plus for more than 10 years. Ignarro made those statements before the subject was really studied. Dr. Rainer Boger, MD went on to study the subject for more than 28 years. Ignarro stopped researching Arginine many years ago, about the time he wrote the book, for that reason his information is out of date. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for discovering the Endothelium’s job of making Nitric Oxide from Arginine and only Arginine, nothing to do with L-Citrulline.


That is just the start of the differences. ARGININE ADVANTAGE® reduces inflammation which is the root cause of cardiovascular disease. You stay in the health phase of life by controlling inflammation.


ARGININE ADVANTAGE® has beet root powder and for 1 specific reason. Beets produce dietary nitrates that are converted into Nitric Oxide. What is so special is they go down a different pathway than arginine to produce Nitric Oxide. This conjunction makes a super increase in Nitric Oxide when it meets. This is one of the secrets of the ARGININE ADVANTAGE®’s 750% more Nitric Oxide than other products on the market. By consuming either one separately it is not nearly as effective as taking them together. This is all science based, our science for your health.


ARGININE ADVANTAGE® is very effective in anti-aging your body. It specifically treats your organs and cells. This keep you out of the disease phase of life.


ARGININE ADVANTAGE® is designed to reduce blood pressure naturally. Most people see their blood pressure reduce in the 1st jar.


ARGININE ADVANTAGE® is producing so much Nitric Oxide, it is off setting your damaging ADMA molecule. We all have this molecule and it varies according to our genetics. It is a hand me down. It never changes, it is a constant. Some are very damaging, and some are less damaging. The only treatment for the damage is arginine/Nitric Oxide. You see the damage is cardiovascular disease. In most cases 2 doses per day of ARGININE ADVANTAGE® is enough, however some people must take 3 doses per day to offset the damage. And some 1½ to 2 doses three times per day. The ADMA test will reveal your need. We do the blood test twice per year at a cost of $150.00.


A large study was just completed on the causes of death worldwide. The 1st three causes amounted to 11,500,000 deaths in the study. Number 3 was 500,000 caused by cancer, number 2 was diabetes at 1,000,000 deaths, and number 1 was 10,000,000 deaths caused by cardiovascular disease. That means that cardiovascular disease is 20 times more dangerous and prevalent to us than cancer. One million people in the USA die from cardiovascular disease every year. That is 9 jumbo jets crashing every day without any survivors. We seem to fear cancer many times more than Heart Disease. There is a remedy and treatment to reverse this disease and live in the health phase of life. There is basically no remedy for cancer.


There are 30,000,000 people in the USA who have cardiovascular disease. It is important to note that in regard to the human body, prevention generally costs less than 10% of the cost of medical treatment for a health issue. Prevention is always preferable to treatment from any perspective—Be it financial, physical, or general happiness. Healthy cardiovascular vessels are a powerful preventative force against disease, potentially eliminating the financial stress and the physical rigors of treatment. The human body is magnificent and amazing. The deeper we study and uncover its secrets; we understand that healthy cells are vital to the body’s ability to repair and rebuild. When cells are healthy, the human body is empowered to full potential. The power of ARGININE ADVANTAGE® is tied to cell health so the human body can perform its trillions of functions efficiently. The complex human body is constantly being encumbered with stress and injury, which often leads to disease and a diminished quality of everyday living. ARGININE ADVANTAGE® rebuilds mitochondria back to its original genetic key and that allows the replication of cells every 90 days to be powerful in anti-aging your body and keeping you young and vibrant.


ARGININE ADVANTAGE® is the result of 28 years of research by Dr Rainer Boger MD. He is the #1 scientist/researcher in the world on this subject.

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