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Shed Unwanted, Unhealthy Body Fat

ARGININEadvantage+ is ARGININE ADVANTAGE® with added AMPK.

AMPK - Converts deep fat into energy. By activating the cellular switch in our body, we turn fat into energy.


This is a Game Changer!
The enzyme is AMP activated protein kinase or AMPK. It is like an on-off switch.

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When the AMPK switch is OFF, it tells your body to stop consuming energy and store fat. This leads to diabetes, heart disease and even premature aging. It can also lead to cancer.


AMPK can help prevent all these diseases. It is called the master switch which controls all aging in your body. So why would the body turn the AMPK off? We now know that this AMPK activation is directly related to protection against obesity, inflammation and insulin resistance.


When you are young your body cranks out plenty of AMPK, but as you age and get older your AMPK levels decline because we are getting too much food. The process is nutritional overload. According to Dr. Coughlan at the Boston University medical school.

When the AMPK declines it cannot remove the junk food fast enough and the cells lose function. When that happens, it leads to chronic inflammation, increased belly fat, high cholesterol and high triglycerides, also elevated blood sugar and insulin resistance.

It turns out declining AMPK is horrible for our cells and our bodies and leads to sickness and early death.


The reverse is also true, elevated AMPK activation can have profound benefits not just for body weight but also for living longer.

A study was just completed at the UCLA’s molecular institute of biology with Dr. David Walker and they discovered a ground breaking anti-aging concept. They activated AMPK enzyme in fruit flies, and they lived 30% longer. He did it with 100,000 flies. He also did it with mice and had greater results with the AMPK activator and they lived 39% longer. They were healthier and had better body weight. He then did it with humans, 180,000 diabetic patients. When AMPK was activated the patients lived longer than the control factor (people without the AMPK) by 15% more than the healthy non-diabetics.

AMPK may be used as a life span and health span extender for all people.

According to Dr. Jay Olshansky of the University of Chicago, if we can improve life span just a little it would be monumental. People will live longer and feel younger. The science is clear: AMPK activation will be the ultimate key to not just combating body fat but actually improving body life and increasing human longevity.

This knowledge is so significant that the FDA has commissioned a five-year study called TAME. The study will determine the benefits of the AMPK activators. It will take some years to get the results, in the meantime, we can benefit from the knowledge that there are 3 known AMPK activators. They are Berberine, Quercetin, and Gynostemia Pentaphyllum. They all have been studied and individually they have reduced belly fat. However together they are a dynamic trio. They have shown results of at least 1 to 2 pounds of fat loss per week. After 4 weeks 100% had fewer cravings, 75% had weight loss, 90% had a reduction of belly fat, 100% had more energy. Every week thereafter the recipients had better benefits.

There are 1,000’s of weight reducing programs, some very restrictive, require exercising, starvation, and crazy and dangerous food choices.

This is a program that does not require a change in diet or exercise. Arginineadvantage+ just helps your body use energy more efficiently. You will be shocked with your success.

We believe that you will love the AMPK activator in the Arginine Advantage Plus product. You will have the benefit of a Nitric Oxide producer and the belly fat reducer.

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