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My name is Bob Weeks.

I discovered when I was 60 years of age that I had blood pressure of 250/150.


My mother died of cardiovascular disease at 45. I had tried to address this issue at 30 years of age by running 25 miles per week and I did it for over 25 years and went through 10 running partners. That did not work at all.

I tried to find a solution by visiting 5 doctors over 5 years and they all said the same thing. Get use to medication, you are on it for the rest of your life. From their perspective there was no solution.

I later ran into a previous employee of mine who was selling Pro-argi9 plus from Synergy. This product was a solution to cardiovascular disease. Over the next year I tried many iterations of the amounts and landed on taking about 6 scoops per day to reduce my cardiovascular age from a 120-year-old to about 10 years of reduction every 6 months. (cost was over $300.00/month)

After doing this for about 4 years, I was introduced to Dr. Rainer Boger, MD. He had been studying cardiovascular disease treatment using arginine for about 23 years. I would listen to him speaking about the ADMA at Synergy conferences. He never spoke of Proargi9 plus. I later on, discovered he had no confidence in the product.

The Nobel Prize for medicine was awarded in 1998 for the discovery of the miracle molecule, Nitric Oxide (NO) as it relates to cardiovascular disease and cardiovascular health.

Over the next 2 years, I befriended Dr. Boger. I traveled all over to listen to him speak. One day I approached him on helping me to develop a new product. He was not interested. Basically, he was a doctor/scientist, not a businessman. Then one day he was put on the advisory board of Synergy. He advised them their product was very ineffective based on his science. They elected to do nothing.

The next thing I know, Dr. Boger, MD said he is willing to go into business to produce a new Arginine product.

I started a company, with the single mission of providing the best L-Arginine product on the market. Our goal was to provide a real, effective, and life-changing remedy to high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

I believe we’ve done that and since 2011 we’ve been expanding our product line and doing more for people and their health all over the world.

Over the years we have refined our products with the right ratio of arginine/citrulline, which is a 2 to 1 ratio. With that and taking it two times per day, you get 24 hour per day coverage. That gives you 400% more Nitric Oxide than the competition offers. In addition, we have two forms of Nitric Oxide production, arginine and beet root powder which produce about 300% more than the competition. The total increase over competitors is about 800% and over Proargi9 plus about 1200%. This increase over competition is all science-based.


We’ve seen thousands of customers reduce their blood pressure and solve their cardiovascular problems. I know of no doctor who can claim even a small amount of this kind of success.

We wish the very best for you and hope you can be diligent and learn all about this great health discovery and what it can do for you and everyone you know. Our Arginine products really can change your health and life for the better.

They say it takes many years to change the health system.

We’re with you all the way and we’re cheering you on to a terrific victory!


Bob Weeks, founder of Arginine Advantage