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The ARGININE ADVANTAGE® formula is one of the only natural ways on earth to:

  • lower high blood pressure,

  • increase Nitric Oxide production in the blood,

  • improve blood circulation,

  • remedy cardiovascular disease,

  • and so much more!


- Real People, Real Results -

"Some years back, I was needing a triple bypass. I was a nurse for a cardiovascular doctor in the operating room. I new that I could not survive the operation because I was allergic to the medications. My brother had been a friend and partner to Bob Weeks. He was now selling an arginine product. Bob allowed me to buy it at his cost because of friendships. The retail price of what I was taking would have been $400.00/month. After about 1 year and 4 different invasive tests, I had reduced my blockage by 50%. Bob at this time had his own company and product Arginine Cardio. My cost was substantially reduced, and the efficacy of the product went way up! Some time later Bob introduced me to Arginine Advantage and within 1 more year I was completely cleaned out of plaque. My vessels were returned to a supple state. Arginine Advantage allowed me to live a normal life. My blood flow and blood pressure were normal for the 1st time in years. My age at this time was 75. I would recommend Arginine Advantage to everybody."

Kathryn McAllister, Idaho




Backed by SCIENCE conducted by the world's #1 L-ARGININE RESEARCH SCIENTIST combined with Nobel Prize winning research.

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Just mix 1 scoop of ARGININE ADVANTAGE® into 10-12 oz. of your best water.

Take 2 times daily 10-14 hours apart.

Aging and Nitric Oxide (NO) Production

As we age, our body produces less Nitric Oxide (NO). To combat this deficiency, arginine researchers and scientists from leading universities recommend L-arginine supplementation to enhance the body's Nitric Oxide production to reverse the aging  process of your cardiovascular system.


When it comes to protecting and reversing cardiovascular disease, Nitric Oxide is one of the most important molecules in the body and specifically so in the circulation of blood.


Nitric Oxide (NO) was discovered in the 1980s, and the scientists who made this discovery were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology in 1998; because, by that time, it had become clear that Nitric Oxide is a unique protector of cardiovascular health.

As we age, we lose 85% of our ability to make Nitric Oxide (NO)

A multitude of Cardiovascular Diseases arise from the lack of Nitric Oxide (NO):

  • Hypertension

  • Atherosclerosis

  • Heart Attack

  • Stroke

  • Chronic Heart Failure

being among the most obvious ones.

AND, other ailments may also result from the lack of Nitirc Oxide, such as:

  • Loss of Memory

  • Asthma

  • Dysfunctional Liver

  • Dysfunctional Kidneys

  • Dysfunctional Intestines

  • Dysfunctional Penis

  • and more. . .

NOTE: The lack of Nitric Oxide causing disease has been proven by clinical scientists in hundreds of clinical and experimental studies. However, much less attention has been paid to the mechanisms causing a lack of Nitric Oxide in the body leading to these dysfunctions and diseases. The importance of enhancing natural Nitric Oxide production in the body to prevent disease is self-evident.

There is a wealth of evidence supporting L-Arginine supplementation to enhance the body's Nitric Oxide production to lower blood pressure and to prevent the development of atherosclerosis and heart failure as well as many other diseases. Scientific data strongly support the beneficial effect of L-Arginine in the prevention and treatment of heart and vascular disease. However, the biology of L-Arginine is not simple, and the mere ingestion of L-Arginine powder alone does not work. This is why ARGININE ADVANTAGE® is here for you.

Simply put, L-Arginine & L-Citrulline ratio's are Critical.

ARGININE ADVANTAGE® is correctly blended with L-Arginine and L-Citrulline to help your body produce more Nitric Oxide (NO).*

You cannot buy just any Nitric Oxide/L-Arginine/L-Citrulline product
and expect it to produce Nitric Oxide 24 hours a day.

Why it Works

- NOT All L-Arginine products are created equal. -

Online marketplaces sell a large majority of L-Arginine products. The products they promote are very ineffective in producing Nitric Oxide 24 hours a day because of the ratio of L-arginine to L-Citrulline.*

There are over 65,000 researchers who have studied L-Arginine. This is the only product that keeps Nitric Oxide in the blood stream 24 hours a day with 2 scoops - 12 hours* apart - with 60 servings per jar.



NOTE: In order for Nitro Oxide (NO) to be effective it needs to be in your blood stream 24/7 for a minimum of 60 days to be effective. 


Mckalin Olsen.jpg

Business Systems Analyst | Maverik Inc

AGE 34

Before taking this product I had high blood pressure and lack of energy throughout my day. A friend told me about this product and insisted I try it. It's been about 3 months now that I have been taking Arginine Advantage twice a day (I don't take any other supplements) I've noticed increased energy levels like never before and my BP levels are better than ever. I've been telling all of my family, friends & co-workers about this product and the wonders it has done for me.

Ryan McKinley.jpg

Owner | Ryan M Scottsdale - Salon

AGE 40

Sadly I've suffered from high blood pressure my entire life, even while being on blood pressure regulating medication prescribed by my doctor. About 1/2 a year ago I started taking Arginine Advantage and at my recent life insurance test my BP levels came back lower than they've ever been, period. I'm hooked for life, so much so that if I forget to take it in the morning I'll turn my car around and head home to get it or else it'll subconsciously ruin my day.

Ben Daniels.jpg

Realtor | Edge Homes Realty

AGE 44

My job is incredibly demanding and I work out 6 days a week to stay fit, focused and to keep my mind healthy. You'll never catch me without this product in my blender bottle! Since taking it I have increased energy, endurance and a better sense of well being. I've experienced  better workouts and it has also benefited muscle recovery. I take this product religiously everyday and definitely notice a difference in my body when I forget to take it.


Because Science Matters

Clinical studies show that the ARGININE ADVANTAGE® formula

last longer with the correct ratio of L-Citrulline*

Longer Lasting Formula.JPG

Creating the perfect balance of L-Arginine & L-Citrulline has many advantages:

  • 200% increase in Plasma Nitric Oxide Levels

  • Longer half-life of L-Arginine blood levels

  • Enables twice daily administration and results in build-up of L-Arginine levels

  • Improved bioavailability of L-Citrulline over L-Arginine

Nitric Oxideand Vasodilation Example

Normal Permeability &

Blood Flow

Increased Oxygenation, Nutrients & Glucose Availability to Muscles


CLICK HERE  to see research on how  L-Arginine effects Vasodilation:

*We pride ourselves at ARGININE ADVANTAGE® for sharing honest information. We encourage you to do your own research!  Don't be fooled into thinking that a cheap L-Arginine product will do the job. Go to expertscape.com and search for "Arginine". On the next page click on "List Experts," There you will find the top L-Arginine researchers in the world with hundreds of published scientific peer-reviewed papers on the effects of L-Arginine.

The Many Benefits of Nitric Oxide (NO)


Remember those telomeres that help keep our chromosomes intact? It turns out there's an enzyme — telomerase — that protects the telomeres and extends their lifespan. Even better news: Nitric Oxide is the signaling molecule that regulates telomerase activity. In other words, Nitric Oxide boosts your body's natural mechanisms for keeping chromosome protection intact. ARGININE ADVANTAGE® helps in every way to protect and increase your telomeres. With good lifestyle choices, Resveratrol, Beet Juice Extract, L-Arginine, L-Citrulline and Co-Q10 you can stay ahead of the curve of slowing down the aging process. All these ingredients and many more are in ARGININE ADVANTAGE®.


While dysfunctional mitochondria are linked to many age-related diseases, Nitric Oxide can stimulate the production of new healthy mitochondria. By promoting the development of new, properly functioning mitochondria with Nitric Oxide, we keep our cells running efficiently and effectively. And, most importantly, they replicate themselves healthy and vibrant. Anti-aging yourself.


Stem cells offer tremendous regenerative power — both in medicine and in the everyday renewing of our body's tissue and organs. And it's no surprise to learn that Nitric Oxide plays a role in the signaling that tells our bodies both to create new stem cells (called "proliferation") and to transform stem cells into whatever specialized cells our bodies need at the time (called "differentiation").

The Essence of the Issue

While none of us particularly look forward to aging, we do have an ally. Nitric Oxide can help us remain healthy enough to enjoy the later chapters of our life. By the time we get to 60 years of age we are producing far less Nitric Oxide as when we were 20 years of age. Do you want to make sure you maintain adequate Nitric Oxide levels? Give yourself a daily Nitric Oxide boost with ARGININE ADVANTAGE®.